Sex, Lies, Payoffs & Hypocrisy

Karen McDougal, Donald Trump, and Stormy Daniels
From left to right: Karen McDougal, Donald Trump, and Stormy Daniels

I’m tired of hearing about the alleged misadventures of Donald Trump’s penis. Scandals involving the affairs of politicians can be captivating, when all of the sneaking around and cover-ups are finally exposed. However, a president or politician cheating on his wife before or even during his term, or getting embroiled in a sex scandal, is hardly a historical first. Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy, Robert Bauman, Representative (R-MD); John Schmitz, Representative (R-CA); Dan Burton, Representative (R-IN); Helen Chenoweth-Hage, Representative (R-ID); Newt Gingrich, Representative (R-GA); John Edwards, Senator (D-NC); Eliot Spitzer, Governor (D-NY); and Blake Farenthold, US Representative (R-TX), to name a few. Even so, I was thirsty for Karen McDougal’s and Stormy Daniels’ (real name Stephanie Gregory Clifford) sides of the story, so I tuned in to Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday night to watch Cooper’s interview with McDougal, and watched this Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes, which featured Cooper’s long-awaited interview with Daniels. Anderson Cooper is a respectable journalist who wants to report the truth. Often when I’m watching Anderson Cooper 360 I wonder if when Cooper’s interviewing someone or listening to a political pundit he thinks to himself: “You lying motherfucker.

Anderson Cooper: “Were you attracted to him [Trump]?

Karen McDougal: “I was attracted to him. Yeah. He’s a nice looking man, and…I liked his charisma. I think...I love, you know, good, great posture, and he’s got great posture, andhe was nice.

Yeah. Sure, Karen.
You love “great posture?” Okay, Karen.

Anderson Cooper: “So the sex was consensual? Just to be clear.”

Karen McDougal: “It was consensual, yes.

Anderson Cooper: “Andwhat happened afterward?”

Karen McDougal: “After that night?”

Anderson Cooper: “You said it sort of ended on aa strange note. So, whatwhat happened after you had been intimate?”

Karen McDougal: “Well, after we had been intimate he tried to pay me, andI actually didn’t know how to take that.”

Anderson Cooper: “Did he actually try to hand you money?”

Karen McDougal: “He did. He did, and I saidI mean I just had this look ofI don’t know, justI don’t even know how to describethe look on my face must’ve been so sad because I had never been offered money like that before, number one. But number two, I thought ‘Does he think that I’m in this for money, or why Im here tonight? Or is this a normal thing?‘ I didn’t know, but I looked at him and I said That’s not meIm not that kind of girl.’ and he saidOhoh, you’re really special.’ and I was likeThank you.’ So I left, I actually got into the car for Keith to take me homeand I started crying. I was really sad. It really hurt me, butI went back.”

Anderson Cooper: “It hurt you that he saw you in that way?”

Karen McDougal: “Yes, it hurt me that he saw me in that light. He obviously assumed that that’s the kind of girl I was. Maybe because I was a Playmate, I don’t know, but…”

Anderson Cooper: “Even though you’d had a night of conversation and days of conversation, it hurt you that it boiled down in the end to that?”

"Not that kind of girl?"
“Not that kind of girl?”

Karen McDougal: “It did hurt meIt did hurt me. I was crying in the backseat of the car, like I said. I got homeinto my apartment and I cried for a lot. I felt really terrible about myself, let alone what he felt, but I felt terrible about myself. Andyou know, I got over it, but it did hurt.”



The Coddling of the Bunny

Written by Michael D’Antonio, the CNN article ‘Playboy Model Who Told of Trump Affair Shows More Bravery than He Does‘ characterizes McDougal as “more honest, empathetic, courageous, and decent than the President of the United States.” D’Antonio went on to say:

In her interview, McDougal’s humanity shone through when she expressed regret for her affair and her eyes filled with tears when she said she was sorry for the pain she caused Melania Trump. One wonders if the President sheds any tears when he considers what he has done to the dignity of the office he has degraded.”

Damn! Take it down a notch. From that statement one would almost assume McDougal was an unwilling participant in her 10-month long affair with Trump, or that she had no knowledge he was married to Melania at the time. She was practically elevated to Saint status.

McDougal worked hard to minimize her own culpability in the affair during this interview, attempting to make herself out to be the innocent ‘babe in the woods’. According to McDougal, she and Trump were to have dinner at a restaurant in the Beverly Hills Hotel on their first date. McDougal said she was instead driven to the back of the hotel by Trump’s bodyguard to a bungalow Trump frequently occupied. McDougal said the bodyguard, referred to as “Keith”, told her: “We have to get out here because we don’t wanna walk through the hotel.” When asked by Cooper if she was concerned when she realized she was going to be having dinner in the bungalow instead of in the hotel’s restaurant McDougal replied: “You know I’m a smart girl. I probably could’ve figured it out, but I really wasn’t thinking. I think I was so nervous to actually meet with him in general that it kinda justdidn’t evenyou knowthink. It wasn’t in my thought process at that moment. I was just too nervous to actually meet him, so…”

McDougal wasn’t a young girl at the time of the affair, but a grown woman of 35 years old. Certainly too old to be as naive as she portrayed herself to be during this interview. She knew Trump was married, and that he didn’t want her to be seen with him or his bodyguard in the lobby of that hotel. Yet, despite this she still engaged in unprotected sex with a man she really didn’t know without either of them undergoing testing for sexually transmitted diseases, even after (according to her) Trump told her he didn’t like wearing condoms. A risky, and certainly not a very smart decision by Trump or McDougal.

McDougal “expressed regret for her affair and her eyes filled with tears…”? Well, I’d like to say she at least shed some crocodile tears, but if you go 11 minutes and 38 seconds into the video below you’ll see she wasn’t able to muster up even one tear. It’s quite clear from this clip below McDougal had her sights set on becoming the 4th Mrs. Trump. When Cooper pressed McDougal about how she felt when she heard the infamous “Grabem by the PussyAccess Hollywood tape she said she was “disgusted.” Apparently she wasn’t too disgusted, because she admitted to voting for him despite hearing the many insults he hurled during his presidential campaign.

McDougal kept a journal in which she logged the specific days and details of her trysts with Trump, which she repeatedly denies was for unscrupulous reasons. She also admitted to bragging to her friends and sister about her relationship with Trump. In addition to that, McDougal admitted to lying to her mother about her relationship with Trump, stating her mother warned her not to get involved with him because he was a married man. McDougal sold the life publishing rights to details about the affair to American Media Inc. for $150,000, but is now suing AMI and seeking to have the NDA she entered into invalidated. She now claims she didn’t understand the agreement at the time, and AMI failed to honor the terms of the NDA.

Hats Off to Ms. Daniels

In stark contrast to Karen McDougal’s interview, Stormy Daniels chose to accept responsibility for her role in her one-time sexual encounter with Trump. 8 years McDougal’s junior, Daniels refused to shield herself with faux naiveté, and was even honest about being happy to be receiving more movie offers, and earning higher pay per film than she was prior to the eruption of this scandal.

Stormy Daniels: “This is not a “#MeToo”. I was not a victim. I’ve NEVER said I was a victim. I think trying to use me to further someone else’s agenda does horrible damage to people who are true victims.”

Anderson Cooper: “You were 27, he was 60. Were you physically attracted to him?”

Stormy Daniels: “No.”

Anderson Cooper: “Not at all?”

Stormy Daniels: “No.”

Anderson Cooper: “Did you want to have sex with him?”

Stormy Daniels: “Nobut I didn’tI didn’t say no. I’m not a victim. I’m not.”

Anderson Cooper: “It was entirely consensual?”

Stormy Daniels: “Oh yes.”

Anderson Cooper: “You work in an industry where condom use is, uh, is an issue. Did he use a condom?”

Stormy Daniels: “No.”

Anderson Cooper: “Did you ask him to?”

Stormy Daniels: “No. I honestly didn’t say anything.”

Later Cooper asked Daniels what she thought of her relationship with Trump, and his alleged promise to have her appear on the Apprentice.

Daniels said Trump called and told her he: “…wanted to know what I was up to and when can we get together again. [He said] I just wanna give you a quick update. We had a meeting, it went great. It’s gonna be spectacular. They’re totally into the idea.’ and I was likeUmmhmm.’ That part I never believed.”

Anderson Cooper: “Did you still get the sense that he was, like, dangling it in front of you?”

Stormy Daniels: “Oh, for sure. Oh, yeah.”

Anderson Cooper: “To keep you interested? To keep you coming back?”

Stormy Daniels: “Of course. Of course. I mean, I’m not blind, but at the same time…maybe it’ll work out. You know?”

Anderson Cooper: “Did you view it asThis is a potential opportunity. I’m gonna see where it goes.'”

Stormy Daniels: “I thought of it as a business deal.”

A Real One
After watching that interview with Stormy Daniels…FINALLY some honesty!

I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t care about who Trump had sex with, is currently having sex with, or will have sex with in the future. That’s Melania’s concern. Like many Americans, I have important things to worry about like finding employment, and currently being without health insurance. No intelligent person believes that Michael D. Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 out-of-pocket out of the kindness of his heart. While I don’t believe anyone with common sense doubts that both McDougal and Daniels had sex with Trump, I think we all know Trump’s voters don’t give a damn. These interviews aren’t going to change the way they feel about him, or make them vote for Democrats in upcoming elections. If the allegations made by Daniels and McDougal are true (they probably are), Trump not only has no respect for his current wife, but very little concern for her health, given that he was “allegedly” running around having unprotected sex with women he hardly knew. Despite all of this, his voters already knew what kind of man he was when they voted for him, and if his previous behavior wasn’t enough to sway their votes then, I don’t know if anything can in 2020. After all, this is the same man who said:

You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women]…I just start kissing themIts like a magnetJust kissI don’t even wait, and when you’re a star they let you do itYou can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussyYou can do anything.”


The pollsthey say I have the most loyal peopleDid you ever see that? Where I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okayIt’s like incredible.

I’ve seen Steve Cortes, Paris Dennard, Michael Caputo, Carrie Sheffield,
Jason Miller, and Ben Ferguson defend everything Trump has said and done, and I think the latter Trump quote above just may hold some truth.

The hypocrisy of Republicans, Democrats, and Evangelicals concerning this scandal is glaring and sickening. Democrats act like Trump is solely to blame for cheating on his wife, but the women who had sex with him were adults, and active participants in Trump’s adultery. They aren’t victims. Daniels, at least, seems to recognize this. I question the legality of Daniels’ NDA, but it sounds like McDougal entered into a bad agreement, and now she wants out of it in the hopes of making more money by selling her story. If you want to be able to tell your story, don’t enter into a non-disclosure agreement that will legally prevent you from doing so. I don’t understand why Democrats are complaining about Trump “silencing women” when these women agreed to keep silent in exchange for money. There are no victims here.

It seems now that the philanderer is a Republican some Evangelical Republicans no longer mind their president committing adultery, or the questionable $130,000 payoff Cohen made to Daniels. Had a Playboy Playmate or Adult Film Star alleged to have had unprotected sex with Barack Obama while he was married, whether the sex was alleged to have occurred 25 years ago, Republicans would be doing everything they could to get him out of office. If Obama had a lawyer who acted as Cohen with the handling of Daniels’ NDA agreement and hush money…

The Stress...
If this were an alternate universe, and it had been Barack Obama who had sex with Karen McDougal or Stormy Daniels…Republican and Evangelical heads all over the U.S. would explode from sheer rage.

I look forward to seeing how this scandal plays out in the courts.