Not On the Mouth, Please

Tom Brady Kissing Son Jack Brady
Tom Brady demanded his son, Jack Brady, give him a longer kiss in exchange for being allowed to check his fantasy football stats. In the video Brady refers to the first kiss as “just a peck.” 😨

I’m a mother and I kiss my son daily. I believe being affectionate towards your child is good parenting, but I draw the line at kissing on the mouth for various reasons.

I’m uncomfortable with adults kissing children on the mouth; far too many pedophiles in the world. And why would a parent force their child to kiss them on the lips? A child should never be forced to kiss any adult, parent or not, especially not in exchange for something as trivial as being allowed to check fantasy football stats. I found this scene cringe-worthy, especially the masseur’s quip: “You know Jack, everything comes with a cost, bud.”

11-year-old Jack Brady appeared to be uncomfortable with kissing his father on the mouth, as evident in his stomping over to kiss him the first time, and wiping his mouth on his shirt collar after both kisses. This reminded me of how uncomfortable Jaden Smith was at being kissed on the mouth by his father, Will Smith. There’s nothing wrong with kissing your kids daily, hugging them daily, and telling them you love them daily. I probably kiss my son and tell him I love him 2-3 times a day. However, there’s no need to force your kid[s] to kiss you on the mouth, especially if it makes them uncomfortable.

Another issue I have with adults kissing children on the mouth is: where, exactly has that adult’s mouth been? Sometimes the first sausage tasted in the morning isn’t Jimmy Dean’s. Would you want your parent kissing you on the mouth if there was even a remote possibility they had performed oral sex on a sexual partner the previous night, or perhaps even that very morning before breakfast? I wouldn’t, but maybe that’s just me. There are some people you shouldn’t share a drink with, let alone kiss on the mouth. There are people who perform analingus on their sex partners. When I realized that performing prison-style sex acts (as if STDs no longer exist) was now common I thought I had landed in an alternate universe. Between herpes, gingivitis, canker sores, and salad tossing you may want that new boyfriend or girlfriend to get a checkup before entering the “kissing stage.”

Read more about reactions to Brady’s exchange with his son here.

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