Alabamian Republican, Ed Henry, Blames Roy Moore’s Sexual Abuse Victims

Republican rape apologist and pedophile defender, Ed Henry, says he believes sexual assault and abuse victims who don’t report their abusers are “also culpable” for the actions of their rapists. 😑 The dumbass has no consideration for the difficulty of coming forward about sexual assault or sexual harassment. He himself said he doesn’t believe the victims now that they’ve come forward, which is exactly why victims of rape don’t come forward!


L’Oreal IMMEDIATELY Fired Black Transgender Model Munroe Bergdorf for “All White People Are Racist” Comment: James Charles Remains Employed by COVERGIRL

No, “all white people” aren’t racist, and I’m not surprised Bergdorf was fired for making such a comment. People can’t seem to refrain from sharing their every thought and feeling with countless strangers online. I just wish COVERGIRL had fired James Charles for his numerous racist comments, and that Jeffree Star faced consequences for his constant racist attacks as well. I hate hypocrisy, and this is blatant hypocrisy.

Munroe Bergdorf

Source: L’Oreal Drops Transgender Model After ‘All White People’ Racism Post