Well, When the Hateful Package is Easy on the Eyes…

Tomi Lahren 2

Last weekend I opted to go on what I referred to as a “Trump-fast.” I decided that for just 2 days I would take a break from politics, and the chaos going on in America, for the sake of my own sanity and blood-pressure. Of course, my fast only lasted all of about 10 hours, as I couldn’t stop myself from watching the latest episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. I enjoy Real Time… and Bill Maher as a comedian and political commentator. As a young child, Politically Incorrect was the show that introduced me to the somewhat boring and often infuriating world of politics, and heated political debates, so my transition to a Real Time… fan was only natural. I found the guests on last Friday night’s episode intriguing: Sam Harris (Writer); Jason Kander (Democratic Politician and former-Army Intelligence Officer); Rick Wilson (Political Strategist); Michael Eric Dyson (Academic and Writer), and Political Commentator…Tomi Lahren. When I learned that Lahren would be a guest on Real Time… I was all the more eager to see the episode because I was certain Maher and his guests would pull no punches. Well, I was left tremendously disappointed, and I found myself asking: “Why do those on the left treat Tomi Lahren so delicately?”

Noah Opened a Door that Cannot be Shut

Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Two months ago The Daily Show with Trevor Noah featured Lahren as a guest. During the episode Noah posed a question that those who criticize the protests of people of color and minority groups are always reluctant to answer: “What is the right way for a Black person to get attention in America?” From the 1960s to Colin Kaepernick’s protest, those who have opposed civil rights protests have always responded: “They should go about it a different way”, and in a way Lahren’s response was just that. She also kept insisting she didn’t know why Colin Kaepernick was protesting. The episode received mixed reactions. There were those, like myself, who thought Noah did a great job of highlighted the hypocrisy of some of Lahren’s statements and views, but there were also those who criticized him for “being too nice.” I didn’t expect Noah to yell or curse at Lahren because that’s not the kind of man, host, and comedian he is. I wanted to see Noah ask Lahren sensible, but tough questions, so I was pleased with the episode. I had no doubt about the interview with Trevor Noah granting Lahren leading to more guest spots on high profile shows.

WTF Happened on Real Time…?

Maher asked his panel the following:

Bill Maher:What do you think, if Trump was Blacksay there was a Black man, President, and he had three wives, children by three wives, and he actedyou know he was sort of erratic as he was, and belligerent as he was…”

Michael Eric Dyson:He’d be in prison.”

*Everyone laughs, except Lahren*

Bill Maher to Tomi Lahren:Do you think a Black person could act like Donald Trump and be President? Honestly. Do you think if a Black person acted like that, to America [sic]it wouldn’t matter?”

Tomi Lahren:II don’t think it would matter, no. I don’t thinkI don’t think it would. I don’t look at Trump and judge him on his character flaws, I judge him on his policies.”

Bill Maher:No, but if a Black guy ran for President and acted just the way he did? You know, made fun of the handicapped, said “I grab pussies because I’m a celebrity”, if a Black guy saidI grab pussies and they let me do it cause I’m a celebrity”, you think it would make no difference that he was Black?”

Tomi Lahren:Not to me. I can’t speak for other Americans, but to me it would not.”

The reactions of Bill Maher and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson say: “Are you fuckinkiddinme, Tomi?”

When Lahren gave that response, at the very least I expected Maher to say: “Tomi, that’s bullshit and you know it.”, because that’s the kind of man, host, and comedian Bill Maher is. So I was very surprised and disappointed that he didn’t press Lahren on her response. I’m not arguing that she should’ve been verbally attacked. I’m arguing that her response, given that her statements on various issues stand out in stark contrast to it, should’ve at least been challenged. Therefore, I must say what someone on that panel should have said:

There is absolutely no way the majority of Americans would elect a Black man who exhibited the behavior that Trump has as President of the United States. If a Black manager of a Little Caesar’s Pizza said or tweeted the things Donald Trump has they’d be unemployed the next day.

Black or not, I wouldn’t vote for any man or woman who behaved as he has. I’ve heard people say Hillary Clinton should have been executed over emails, so I can only imagine the vengeance those very people would want inflicted upon a Black man who bragged about grabbing women’s genitalia without their permission…most-likely castration. The fact of the matter is had Barack Obama been divorced just once he probably would not have been elected as President, let alone if he had had multiple children from multiple women. The heads of Fox News’ pundits would’ve exploded at the mere thought.

It has now been a week since this episode aired, and I still can’t figure out why Lahren was treated as if she would burst into tears if she was required to provide sound views. Throughout this episode of Real Time… I kept waiting for Lahren to provide logical rebuttals, but it never happened. I watched the Overtime segment on YouTube to ensure I was being impartial and didn’t miss anything, and I still don’t understand why Lahren was invited to be a guest on the show. Of the 5 guests featured on Feb. 3rd’s episode of Real Time… Lahren was the only one who contributed nothing of substance to the discussion. Megyn Kelly, Andrea Tantaros, or Kimberly Guilfoyle would have brought more to the table than Tomi Lahren. I also feel that the inclusion of a female guest from the left, such as Angela Rye, Ana Kasparian, Goldie Taylor, or Krystal Ball would’ve made this episode far better. However, I’m certain many compromises had to be made for Lahren to agree to make an appearance on the show.

Be Real with Me, Liberal Guys, Is it Her Face?

Hatchet Face, from the 1990 film, Cry Baby (Starring Johnny Depp)

I understand that liberals feel that one of the ways to improve social issues and race relations in America is by having honest, courteous discourse with those who don’t share your beliefs, and I agree that yelling and making rude comments to those who disagree with your views won’t help your argument. I’ve also heard Trevor Noah and Charlamagne Tha God say that they like helping people “recognize their prejudices” in the hopes that they will change, to which I say: “They’re already aware of their prejudices, they just don’t want to admit to them. If logic and facts can’t make them see people of different ethnic groups or look at certain social issues differently, what makes you think you can?” So here’s my advice to heterosexual male liberal pundits seeking to have a heart-to-heart with Tomi Lahren: give it your all, and expose her ideology for the half-baked White supremacist nonsense that it is with facts and good old-fashioned journalistic integrity. Treat her as right wing pundits do Angela Rye when she uses facts and common sense in her political discussions. Looks and gender mean absolutely nothing to men on the right when discussing politics and social issues with female liberals, and this is as it should be on the left. When engaging in dialogue with Lahren, imagine Hatchet Face’s mug superimposed on Lahren’s face and debate her with gusto, because refraining from asking Lahren tough questions because of her inability to provide solid answers, or because she’s considered attractive is a disgrace to political commentary and your audience.


  1. lkeke35

    Me, too. I’m a big Bill Maher fan, especially even his standup, and I couldn’t bring myself to watch that episode. I just didn’t have it in me that night. I’ve heard about it and read other reviews of it but I can’t stand looking at Tamamys dumb a**, let alone listening to her shrill nonsense. I have an extremely low tolerance for willful stupidity and I just couldn’t that night. I figured she’d be useless in any discussion and she was.

    And yeah, it’s definitely because of her looks that anybody cares.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TheWarner

      Hey there. Thanks for reading.

      Lahren barely said anything on that episode, and I’m serious. I think it was because she knew she didn’t possess the information nor the intellectual ability to go toe-to-toe with any of the guests, especially Michael Eric Dyson! Why was she even invited on the show? I don’t care if she’s a Republican, or if she voted for Trump. If she would’ve had something of VALUE to contribute to the conversation that would’ve been great, but it was as if she just came on there to look pretty, so I didn’t see the point. It was like a ratings grab, and it didn’t give viewers anything we expected or WANTED to see.

      I suspect the Real Time production team agreed not to ask her certain questions and “play nice” with her, because that episode was unlike any I’ve ever seen; an utter disappointment. I understand when she was a guest on The Daily Show… it was a one-on-one interview, but Trevor Noah went WAY harder, and he was SUPER nice. To his credit, Jason Kander TRIED. I just couldn’t believe no one called her out when she said she’d vote for a Black man even if he behaved like Trump. One of the problems I have with Lahren, in addition to the hateful crap she says, is that she tries so hard to deny that she has racist beliefs that she can’t even be honest about something that’s obvious.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. lkeke35

    I think it really was a ratings grab, and they did go really easy on her. Everyone did.

    Now Contrast that with last night’s episode when Jim Jeffries, one of my fave comedians, gave Piers Morgan the finger, and told him to f*** himself, which I stood and applauded. Morgan totally deserved it and I knew Jeffries wouldn’t stand for any of Morgan’s political bullshite.

    That’s how she should have been treated, but from the clips I’ve seen they really soft balled her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TheWarner

      I agree, and as a result it was one the worst episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher ever. I would’ve loved it if Angela Rye had been on that episode too; she’s the best. 😊

      Oh, and J.K. Rowling applauded that comment to Piers Morgan as well. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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