This Is What Happens…

How did Trump and Omarosa go from this 

to this?!Trump Dog Tweet

Jan Brewer Disrespecting Obama

I’d like to briefly play “What If…”. What if after former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer disrespectfully publicly admonished Barack Obama while waving her finger in his face he had tweeted: “Governor Brewer’s behavior towards me during that exchange was like that of a dog off of her leash.” Let me assure you Obama would’ve been called every disgusting word and racial slur there is. I can only imagine the outrage amongst Trump defenders and some members of the GOP if Obama had just compared Brewer to a dog, rather than directly calling her one, as Trump did to Omarosa. Regardless of Trump’s tweet disparaging Omarosa, a woman who has shown she’s willing to stoop as low as she can for a good position and a high paycheck, it was still shocking to see her publicly referred to as a “dog” by our very racist and orange 45th President of the United States of America. Then I thought: “Well, I guess he’s done with her now like all the rest.”

This Is How He Rolls

Let’s just look at Trump’s treatment of former Director of the F.B.I., James Comey, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They both went from being complemented by Trump, whom he once described as having “a lot of guts” (Comey) and “a great man” (Sessions) to….well, just take a quick look at Trump’s tweets above and read how he disparages them now. Whereas both Comey and Sessions were once praised by Trump, Comey after he sent a letter regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails to Congress and Sessions after he endorsed Trump for President, they have now become targets of Trump’s wrath. Comey was allegedly asked to overlook Michael Flynn’s actions, and Sessions recused himself from the Mueller investigation. My guess is Michael Cohen’s next in line to be trashed via tweet.

I Don’t Feel Sorry for Omarosa

I have no love for Omarosa. Not because she supported Trump or may or may not be a Republican; I’m not a liberal, and I am also no longer a Democrat. My dislike of Omarosa is because I think she’s a terrible human being who will do or say anything for the right amount of money and career opportunities. However, she’s no different from many of Trump’s defenders, who I see on Fox and CNN on a regular basis, and countless others who share her characteristics all over various media and social networking platforms.

Omarosa sat down with TheGrio’s Natasha Alford to discuss a variety of topics, such as her relationship with Trump, her community outreach efforts, and feeling as if she had been shunned by the Black community due to her association with Trump. Omarosa said: “I was too close to him [Trump] to really see what he was doing.” What?! Shouldn’t her close proximity to him during his campaign (and their 14 year “friendship“) have allowed her to see up-close and personally his true character? Does Omarosa think those watching this interview are a bunch of fools? She ignored Trump’s divisive and hateful rhetoric because she knew she’d get a nice high-paying job out of it, as long as she kept her mouth shut and got some Black votes for Trump, earning herself a First-Class ticket on the Coon Train. She lied and said she wanted to use her position to help the Black community, when her primary goal was and always has been fattening her wallet, as evidenced by her secret recordings and current book tour. Omarosa didn’t reject Lara Trump’s offer of a $15,000 per month campaign job for moral reasons, but most-likely because she had an even bigger payday in mind. Should Omarosa have been called a “dog?” No, but knowing Trump as well as she claims to such an insult shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Besides, I have no doubt that Omarosa, conniving woman that she is, will be just fine.

So Many Liars

I don’t need to hear audio of Trump saying “nigger” to know he’s a racist. Him being a racist is easy to deduce from his language sans the n-word, tweets, and behavior when it comes to minorities and people of color over the last 3 – 4 decades. Trump’s not the first racist President of the United States, nor will he be the last. He’s just the first openly racist President we’ve had in a while. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I must also say that it is also absolutely disgraceful that Omarosa, Katrina Pierson, and Lynne Patton were all trying to figure out how to give an alleged tape of Trump saying nigger a positive spin. There is no positive “context” in which a racist White man can or would use the word “nigger.” It was disgusting to hear Omarosa, Pierson, and Patton (even more so to hear women of color) searching for ways to minimize and protect Trump from the warranted backlash that would follow the unearthing of such audio. Patton, who was formerly an event planner and has no experience or background in housing policy or government, was awarded the position of Administrator for HUD’s (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) Region II after publicly supporting Trump during his Presidential campaign. Just as Omarosa was not qualified to be the Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, Patton is not qualified for her current position. I suspect Patton, Omarosa, and Pierson were so supportive of Trump, despite him being a racist and misogynist, for money and career advancement.

It appears that Trump does not surround himself with “the best people“, but crooks (Paul Manafort), thugs (Michael Cohen), liars (Omarosa and Rudy Giuliani), and people who CLEARLY can’t be trusted to tell the American people the truth, or engage in a conversation with Trump without secretly recording it. I’m confused as to why Pierson and Patton are now vilifying Omarosa when the three of them share the same characteristics: dishonesty, greed, and an overall willingness to sell their souls for money. Trump will use Pierson, Patton, Diamond & Silk, Pastor Darrell C. Scott, Ben Carson, and any other Black person willing to lie for money in an effort to garner Black votes. However, I have no doubt the day will come when Pierson, Patton, Carson, and several others get their “wakeup call” or the “Omarosa treatment” when they too are tossed aside and maligned by Trump, because he seems to only love his friends and supporters until they are no longer useful to him.

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  1. TheWarner

    It took Scott Pruitt, former head of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), being the subject of 12 federal investigations before he was finally fired. Omarosa’s actions weren’t nearly as egregious as Pruitt’s, yet Pruitt’s shenanigans was tolerated longer than Omarosa was as the Director of Communications. Nevertheless, she got the job by tap dancing for Trump, and ignoring all of his hateful rhetoric. She was not qualified for the position and she didn’t deserve it…like so many others in this administration. Thus the high turnover rate. We need more smart, passionate and informed women who are NOT willing to lie for money.

    Also, please note the difference in how Michael Cohen is being referred to now, rather than a couple months ago. In the span of 2 months Rudy Giuliani went from calling Cohen “an honest, honorable lawyer” to a “pathological liar.” 😆 The attacks against Cohen will only become more vicious, and deservedly so, since he chose to behave like a thug.

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