The GOP Aims to Make Gattaca a Reality

Ethan Hawke as Vincent Anton Freeman in the Sci-Fi film, Gattaca

When I was a kid I saw the 1997 film, Gattaca. The film is set in the not-so-distant future where employment and social standing is based on a human being’s genetic makeup. Human beings conceived through sexual intercourse are doomed to work low-wage jobs, and have a higher probability of inheriting a genetic disease, whereas humans designed via a geneticist are born into a life of endless possibilities. Any genetic deficiency or handicap is grounds for lawful discrimination. For example, if you were born with a heart condition you’d be more likely to find employment as a custodian rather than a scientist, as any high aspirations you might have would be virtually impossible to attain. I recently read that a House committee approved bill HR 1313, with 17 Democrats opposing it and 22 Republicans voting for it. HR 1313 is a bill that “would allow companies to require employees to undergo genetic testing or risk paying a penalty of thousands of dollars, and would let employers see that genetic and other health information.” Such a bill will take discrimination to a level we’ve never seen before, increase the difficulty of finding employment, and punish employees for matters over which they have absolutely no control.

Under the guise of being an integral component of a workplace wellness program bill HR 1313 will enable discrimination through science, while violating an employee’s right to keep their health information private. Presently, most employment discrimination is based on sight, or rather what a potential employer interprets regarding race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. However, race and gender cannot always be determined by sight, so this bill will remedy that, allowing potential employers to discriminate against people of color and transgender people to their heart’s content. Refusing genetic testing can result in the employee being fined hundreds to thousands of dollars, but who’s to say it can’t result in a termination. Should a person be penalized for having a genetic mutation, or penalized or not hired for not being born with predominantly European DNA? What assurances do we have that bill HR 1313 won’t result in an increase of workplace discrimination?

DNA Results
European DNA results on the left; African DNA results on the right

I believe that genetic testing is wonderful, and can be potentially life saving. Genetic testing can also aid in predicting the quality of life of potential offspring in cases such as Tay-sachs disease, cancer, Sickle Cell Anemia, lymphoma, Crohn’s disease, von Willebrand disease, hemophilia, and disseminated intravascular coagulation. However, employees should not have their private health information violated for the sake of a “workplace wellness program.” Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever your political party affiliation, can we all just collectively agree that bill HR 1313 is not only unconscionable and completely insane, but will also likely be used for discriminatory practices?

Read more about bill HR 1313 on Mashable.


  1. Darryl Walker Jr

    Wow. Great work! They aren’t even pretending to be fair. This bill is blatant discrimination. This goes hand in hand with the repeal and replace of Obamacare…where the new GOP bill proposes that older folks can be charged several times more than young people.

    Do you think this bill has a chance of passing both chambers of Congress?

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    1. TheWarner

      Hey! Thanks for reading. 😊 I think it’ll definitely pass. A House committee approved it despite the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) because it will be considered part of a workplace wellness program, so that’s how they were able to work it in. People are so focused on Trump, Melania, and all these other distractions that they aren’t paying attention to some of the bills that are being quietly approved. Some serious changes are about to take place in America, and everyone but the wealthy will be screwed by them.

      I have several concerns regarding HR 1313, the main one being I have no doubt it will be misused as a way to legally discriminate. Whether a company’s employee has a genetic issue is none of its administration’s business, and I think the bill will be misused. Finding employment is hard enough for Americans. We don’t need government officials, who are supposed to be looking out for the best interests of those they serve, making it even more difficult for us to earn a living. They’re just creating more problems.

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      1. Darryl Walker Jr

        You are right. I get upset whenever people talk about Melania Trump’s clothes. It doesn’t matter what designer dress and shoes she is wearing. The GOP is trying to strip health care from millions of people … a tax break for the wealthy. I will not be surprised if the HR bill goes through. People didn’t expect Trump to win, but he did. He is building that wall. He has implemented that ban. He has done everything he promised thus far. Frightening!

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      2. TheWarner

        You know I figured he would win. I remember many of my co-workers laughing about it while he was campaigning, and I warned them it was a possibility. Granted he won with Russia’s assistance, but he won nonetheless.

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      3. Darryl Walker Jr

        True. I also think that this bill is merely an extension of existing policies. At interviews, bosses are asking women if they are pregnant. And before you can get even a minimum wage job, they are requiring that you piss in a cup so they can see whether or not you are on drugs. Same goes with welfare benefits in some states. We are being trained to grant this information left and right

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