49ers Release Bruce Miller after Assault, but Fans Want Kaepernick Released Instead

Former San Francisco 49er, Bruce Miller

Former San Francisco 49ers’ fullback, Bruce Miller, has been released from his contract with the team following his September 5th arrest for the assault of two men, one of whom was a 70-year-old man. The assault reportedly took place at a San Franciscan Marriott Hotel, after an intoxicated Miller’s attempt to enter the wrong hotel room was thwarted by the occupants’ son. Miller allegedly proceeded to assault the man, and later assaulted the 70-year-old father of the man, who had rushed to his son’s defense. Earlier that day Miller had been kicked out of the restaurantTommy’s Joynt, for arguing with a couple after he had attempted to swipe their brisket sandwiches.

Fed-up with with Miller’s shenanigans, the 49ers opted to terminate his contract with the team, as stated in this detailed tweet:


The 49ers were right to release Bruce Miller, because this isn’t his first run-in with the law during his time as a 49er. In fact, just last year Miller was arrested for spousal battery after the alleged assault of his then-fiancee. I question why the 49ers didn’t release Miller then.

I found the fact that the tweet failed to inform 49ers fans as to why they decided to release Miller amusing. Afterall, they could have tweeted something like: “Due to Bruce Miller’s 2nd arrest for assault in under 2 years, the 49ers have released him.” Of course it wasn’t the rather uninformative tweet that got some the @49ers followers all riled up, it was the fact that quarterback, Colin Kaepernick is still employed. Apparently, in the minds of some a player with a propensity for violence is to be held in higher regard than a player who would exercise his right to freedom of speech.


Throughout the history of the United States of America no call for change has ever been met with acceptance by all. The denial of racism in America is commonplace, and the vitriol that swiftly follows any call for change by a minority, especially if that minority is, say, Black, is to be expected. Those who dare to question America’s inability to reflect the idealized version of itself are promptly vilified and dismissed as anti-American.

Most of the responses to the 49ers’ tweet are what one would expect from racists, but ironic nonetheless. There are people who legitimately feel Kaepernick should lose his job for exercising his right to free speech and protesting peacefully, yet these same people are appalled by the dismissal of a man who, by all accounts, punched a 70-year-old man in the face. Only those who subscribe to hypocrisy would glorify a man who has committed criminal acts, while criminalizing another for exercising his legal right to voice his desire for an end to police brutality and an America where liberty and justice exists for all.

Racist Americans have a love-hate relationship with Black entertainers, and perhaps even more so with Black athletes. They will only tolerate them as long as they shut up and play. Step out-of-line and vengeance will be swift. Given that most of the responses to Miller’s dismissal consisted of Kaepernick being referred to as racial slurs, it isn’t too hard to guess the underlying reasons for some of the 49ers’ fans urging that Kaepernick be dismissed. Will these same fans refer to Miller as a “thug”, burn their #49 jerseys, and denounce violence? My guess is, probably not.