People Are Donating Money to Michael Cohen? WTF?!

Michael Cohen's "Truth Fund" Account 🤨
Michael Cohen’s “Truth Fund” Account 🤨

This morning when I heard Lanny Davis say on New Day with Alisyn Camerota and Jon Berman that he had started a GoFundMe account called the “Michael Cohen Truth Fund” to help his client, felon and former attorney of Donald Trump, Michael D. Cohen, raise money to “tell the truth about Trump” and “help his family”, I thought: “Surely you must be shitting me, Sir.”

Michael Cohen's Truth Fund Mission Statement 🙄
Michael Cohen’s Truth Fund Mission Statement 🙄

Last night on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon Davis gave some spiel about Cohen during which he attributed his client pleading guilty to 8 felony charges to patriotism, stating: “Patriotism and love of country caused him to recognize the danger of this particular President…” Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, followed Davis as a guest on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, immediately saw through Davis’ bullshit (like myself and I’m sure countless others) and was having none of it.

I do wanna say one thing, though, and I respect Lanny, but I disagree with him about, you know, what we just heard in the following regardcause I think it’s complete nonsense and spin. Michael Cohen did not all of a sudden find love of country, and did not all of a sudden become a patriot. Did not all of a sudden conclude, after having known Donald Trump for 12 or 15 years, that Donald Trump would not make a good President. Here’s what happened: Michael Cohen realized he was dead to rights, he was in the crosshairswhatever metaphor you wanna use as it relates to prosecutors from the southern district of New York. Michael Cohen took the steps that he has taken for no other reason than to save himself and his family, let’s be clear about that. Let’s not try to call it anything other than what it is, just so everyone understands what happened. This isn’t about love of country or patriotism. In fact, Michael Cohen waited until the last possible momenthe’s been practically begging for Donald Trump to lead him out of the dark forest for months now, and it became clear it wasn’t gonna happen.” — Michael Avenatti


Avenatti was absolutely right. Cohen, much like Omarosa, was a strong Trump supporter for many years, and was absolutely vicious when defending Trump during 2016 campaign, as well as while trying to suppress media publications of Trump’s “alleged” affairs. Cohen was all too happy to act as Trump’s ride or die goon, and seemingly relished his role as Trump’s henchman. Two days before Trump’s inauguration Cohen said on Hannity: “Sad that the only thing that will be remembered under the Obama legacy is, I think, that bronze sculpture that was just commissionedI’m obviously very loyal and very dedicated to Mr. Trump. I think he’s going to be, not just a good President, I think he’s gonna be a great President.” And then there was this unwarranted and rude exchange. 

Cohen’s “Truth Fund” raised over $10,000 in one hour, and as as of right now has raised over $56,700 of its $500,000 goal. So let me get this straight, people are donating their (in some cases) hardearned money to this grimy crook and felon…to “tell the truth about Trump” and “help his family“? People can obviously spend their money on whatever they like, it’s their money, but I don’t understand the logic behind this. Why must people make donations to Cohen for him to “tell the truth about Trump?” Why can’t he just do so?

Cohen’s money and family troubles are problems of his own making, so no one else should be asked to foot the bill for his poor decisions. Cohen and his wife should’ve been financially responsible and ensured that they and their children would be secure in case of a financial emergency, or Cohen’s inevitable incarceration, given that he was most-likely involved in financial crime for years. I understand he may very well be worried about the financial future of his family, but he should’ve been more responsible. He’s not the first criminal to go to prison and leave behind a family, and no one donates to GoFundMe campaigns to help the families of those poor Average Joes. What makes Cohen and his family so special? Nothing, in my opinion.

Trump Attacks Cohen via Tweet...Again

I wouldn’t donate a three-day-old cheeseburger to Michael Cohen. This is a man who said he’d “take a bullet” for Trump, but when Trump left him in the wind he flipped like Gabby Douglas at the 2012 Summer Olympics. He is untrustworthy, like a lot of people in Trump’s orbit it seems, and if he hadn’t been caught he’d still be operating as the thug he is. Never forget the real Michael Cohen is the one we heard on audio and saw on television during the Trump campaign, not the mild-mannered nice guy he appears to be when spotted by reporters post this year’s April 9th F.B.I. raid. Besides, how do I know a financial criminal like Cohen hasn’t squirreled away a couple million dollars in case he found himself in his current situation? Even if he didn’t squirrel money away, white-collar criminals don’t deserve our sympathy because they fuck people over on a daily basis. Even if I had money to spend frivolously, I wouldn’t waste it on a man like Michael Cohen. There are far too many worthy people and organizations that need every dollar they can get, such as children’s hospitals, rape crisis centers, homeless shelters, the organ donation departments of hospitals, schools, etc. I would urge people to consider donating to these places and organizations before giving their money to a man like Cohen, a man who doesn’t believe spousal rape is a crime. 

Michael Cohen Hillary Clinton Prison Tweet
The irony! 🤣🤣🤣
Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, Cohen!

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