Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Victim, Andrea Constand, Gets Long-Awaited Justice

Bill Cosby has been convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and raping Andrea Constand in 2004. I’m happy Constand was finally able to get justice, as so many of us rape survivors will not be able to due the statute of limitations on sexual assaults, which should be eliminated. There is no deadline for when our courts can seek justice for murder, yet there’s one for rape and sexual assault. Having a statute of limitations on rape and sex crimes only protects one person: the rapist and perpetrator of the sex crime.

You can read my initial thoughts on the Cosby rape allegations here: Bill Cosby & Stephen Collins: Rape, Pedophilia, and the Sanctimonious TV Dad.

Read more on Cosby’s conviction here on CNN: Bill Cosby Guilty on All Three Counts in Indecent Assault Trial (Written By Eric Levenson & Aaron Cooper, CNN)




  1. Herneith

    You are absolutely right, there should be no statutes of limitations on sexual assault. That is something that one never forgets and it can affect survivors for years. That Cosby is a fucking piece of shit. I think this verdict validates the others who accused him and lost out due to the statutes of limitations. Hopefully, they sue the rape hound.

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    1. TheWarner

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Yes, Cosby’s earlier admissions during his previous deposition was a clear indication of his guilt, and if that wasn’t enough you have him and Larry King (strong side-eye 😔 towards King too) discussing how “Spanish Fly” would be used and how a man would benefit from putting it in the drink of an unsuspecting woman.

      Very glad he was convicted, and I don’t care how old he is, he needs to go to jail. He has been living freely and happily while committing these heinous crimes against women for years, yet his victims have had to live with what he did to them for in some cases decades. Good riddance!


  2. lkeke35

    Yep! He has had a goood looong life. And now, his happy times are over! I just want him to go away, to disappear, so no one has to think about him anymore.

    Now to catch up with the other ones, Polanski, Allen, and the others. They need their asses got too! (It’s long been time for Allen to go.)

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    1. TheWarner

      Thank you for reading and reposting. Very much appreciated.

      Yes, I want people to have this same energy when it comes to dealing with Polanski, Weinstein, Allen and everyone else. Let’s not forget how the victims of these heinous sexual deviants were mistreated and vilified.

      I remember reading this article about Samantha Geimer when I was a pregnant teenager, My pregnancy was the result of a rape, and when I disclosed to my family what had happened to me I was neither believed nor supported. It was an extremely lonely and stressful pregnancy, and I still remember this People Magazine article to this day because I felt like Geimer’s strength gave me some strength. Despite being just 13-years-old when she was drugged and raped by Roman Polanski Geimer was vilified when she came forward. Dylan Farrow wasn’t believed and was also vilified by Woody Allen and his supporters. This Cosby conviction gives me hope that more women and men who have been victimized by someone of great wealth and/or power can get justice.

      Not every man accused of rape committed the crime, and while I think it’s important to not outright dismiss claims of rape, I also think it’s important to listen to BOTH sides of the story. In the past most women’s claims of rape were not believed, victims were disparaged on the stand, and their rapists were typically given the benefit of doubt. Now in this era of the newly revised #MeToo movement ALL rape and sexual misconduct allegations are to be believed, and the men accused are now convicted in the court of public opinion without even having a trial. Regardless of whether they actually committed the sexual assault they’re found guilty in the court of public opinion, from which they will never recover…unless they happen to be Roman Polanski or Woody Allen, whose behavior actors and producers have turned a blind eye to for decades. This is one of the reasons I feel our justice system should do away with the statute of limitations for sex crimes. This way we can hear both the accuser and accused tell their accounts in court, and there can be consequences for both sexual assaults and/or false allegations. The other reason for eliminating the statute of limitations is so rape survivors can seek justice whenever they’re ready to come forward about their assault, whether it’s a day afterwards or 15 years afterwards. Finding that strength is difficult and takes a different amount of time for each survivor.

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