So…the Brooklyn Museum’s Administration Couldn’t Locate Any Qualified Black Curators of African Art?

Okay. 😐

Read: Brooklyn Museum’s Hiring of African Art Curator Illustrates the Overlooking of Black Curatorial Candidates


  1. lkeke35

    The Art world, just like Publishing, History, and just about any STEM field, seems to be one of those closed worlds, that’s content to remain closed, except to “people who know people”, while talking the usual bs about “diversity and inclusion”. They’ll make little to no effort to actually engage in either , but it sounds good in brochures and on websites.

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    1. TheWarner

      Thanks for reading.

      You’re absolutely right. In the art world it’s all about who you know, and those in this field really abuse and benefit from nepotism. I know what I experienced, and this was the perfect opportunity to put everything into context and talk about it. The art field IS plagued by racism and nepotism, employed by those who in some cases don’t realize or want to acknowledge they are racists. It’s a very closed-off field.


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