Quincy Jones Has Zero Fucks to Give at This Point

Hed fuck anything. Anything! Hed fuck a mailbox. He did not give a fuck. You like Brazilian music?” —Quincy Jones on Marlon Brando πŸ˜‚

Today Vulture published a very candid interview with Quincy Jones, which can be read here, during which he discloses some secrets (and in some cases open secrets) about Richard Pryor, Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Ivanka Trump. From the interview it’s clear Jones has reached an age where he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. He’s made his money and left his mark on the music industry, so why should he? Nevertheless, I hope Mr. Jones doesn’t turn up in a trunk somewhere.

Vulture's Quincy Jones Interview - 1
Snippet 1 of Vulture‘s In Conversation: Quincy Jones
Vulture's Quincy Jones Interview - 2
Snippet 2 of Vulture‘s In Conversation: Quincy Jones

Check out David Marchese’s interview with Quincy Jones here on Vulture. It’s hilarious.