Hey DNC, This Is Why Your Party Keeps Losing

I’m a black American woman, and I’ve voted as a Democrat since I was 18-years-old, but not anymore. 2016’s presidential election, and everything that has followed with the DNC and GOP has made me not only leave the Democratic party, but also not want to vote ever again. I’ve always been a die-hard voter, and always voted for Democrats; that’s the party my family taught me to vote for. However, as an adult who nows follows politics more closely than those same relatives who urged me to vote Democrat, I’ve become fed up with the DNC. Now I’m certain this applies to the DNC and the GOP, but whenever there’s an upcoming election my mailbox is suddenly filled with flyers urging me to vote for all of the politicians whom I’ve never even heard of. Are they under the assumption that I’ll vote for them simply because they have “Democrat” listed next to their names? Where were they prior to the election cycle? I don’t see 95% of these Democratic politicians who want my vote at town halls, community centers, or anywhere near my community.

As a black American I’ve always carried a sense of duty when it came to voting. I felt voting was something I owed my ancestors and the civil rights activists who marched, were beaten, spit on, and murdered because they chose to fight so that other black Americans and people of color could vote. However, I now realize that although I’m grateful to those who fought and died so that I could vote, I don’t owe any politician or political party shit. If any politician wants me to sacrifice my time and go wait in a long line to cast a ballot for them, a person whose character I don’t truly know, they had better be talking about making changes that matter to me.

The DNC is out-of-touch with its voters, and have been taking us for granted, believing that all Democrats share the same views and want the same things. American companies outsourcing jobs that could be performed by American citizens in need of employment matter to me. Having a college degree, business management certificate, and student loan debt, yet still not being able to find a job (especially one that will pay a decent wage) matters to me. The fact that as an American living below the poverty line I couldn’t afford a government health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act during Obama’s presidency, and somehow still didn’t qualify for Medicaid is a problem for me. In Florida some employers require you to speak Spanish, Creole, or both languages to be considered for a position with that company. How is that even legal when it discriminates against non-bilingual English-speaking Americans? Despite being a long-time democrat immigration laws have always mattered to me, and I don’t think it’s an issue the DNC believe s matters to their base. I wholeheartedly believe in equality and opportunities for everyone, but I can no longer support the Democratic party because I feel that in the interest of being politically correct some democrats are too liberal when it comes to policy.

The GOP is ran by racists, elitists, homophobics, and misogynists. While I’m certain the DNC is as well, the difference is members of the GOP don’t hide who they really are. They don’t care about political correctness and they aren’t pussies. Voting for Democrats hasn’t improved my living situation in any way, shape or form, but I certainly won’t be voting for a Republican, given that they don’t seem to care about Americans living in poverty, white supremacists, gun control, or domestic white terrorists. From now on I’ll be voting Independent or not at all, but either way these politicians will have to earn my vote.


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I'm an audacious blerd and writer who writes reviews and articles focusing on social issues in America. My goal is to provide honest commentary and reviews, not "popular opinion" pieces.

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  1. Yes, I’ve always told people that Black people don’t vote Democrat because we love Democrats. We vote that way because they are the lesser of two evils. But I guess the operative word there is EVIL.

    This last election I voted more Independents than I ever have, and I am a die-hard Democrat. They may be as corrupt as the Republicans, but they at least are not actively malicious towards everyone who isn’t white, or ready to put us all in ovens. But I see that they are willing to stand by and do and say nothing as republicans and their thugs attack us again and again.

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  2. I’m a 53-year-old white male, lifelong Democrat who has just reached the same conclusion as you have. I don’t agree with everything in your post but leading Dems and the party apparatus have completely turned me off due to what I see as a level of incompetence and complete unwillingness to deal with reality. This past year has been a disaster for Dems as they respond to Trump with nothing but rage. I think they are convinced he will be impeached or the Dems will take over Congress in 2018 because … well, how could they not? Americans won’t continue to vote and support this, will they?

    Yeah, well, that assumption is what led to President Trump.

    The only problem is that Republicans almost never put up an alternative that is preferable.

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      1. Dems have utterly failed at providing a positive, adult response to Trump. I get some of the rage directed at him, but we need to do more, the party needs to do more. Somebody has to be the adult in the room. It’s the biggest reason I supported Obama throughout his eight years was that I felt he was one of the few adults. Sure, he wasn’t perfect, but he was better than any other alternative. I wrote a thing a few days ago about this endless rage … https://theseekersdungeon.com/2017/11/05/rage-against-the-machine-day-5-by-mark-paxson/

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  3. We have three major parties, NDP (thanks to them we have universal health care, Liberals, and Conservatives here(Canada). There are also smaller parties. For the most part, I usually vote for the NDP. The NDP is currently promoting free pharmacare which I presume will be on their upcoming platform(provincial election coming up). They did it with universal Health Care. With that being said, I approach politicians with wariness as in “what can you do for me”?. Many are sacks of shit anyways. Ironically, the ‘honest’ ones don’t get elected. By honest, I mean being upfront about being limited in what they can do not promise the moon and the stars.

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  4. However, most politicians are only in politics to serve themselves, not their constituents.

    Precisely why I’m running in the next election. The pays good! Seriously, I can’t stand ideologues. I am a pragmatist.

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