Someone Tell Ben Affleck He’s a Hypocrite…

and a terrible, just awful Batman. 😧

Read more about it on W Magazine and Slate.


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  1. Yeah, Rose McGowan has been calling his ass out all over Twitter. So much so, that Twitter banned her for cussing. How convenient! Her unwillingness to shut up about what happened to her probably explains her career trajectory, especially her jump to indie movies, as she’s not a bad actress.

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      1. Oh, yeah, I forgot about his brother. I’d read about his exploits on the set of one of his movies. Ben has a lot to answer for if he’s gonna save his own career. He willing to protect his brother, and show outrage, but at the same time, throw Harvey under the bus?

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      2. I have regrets in my past too. The best way I know of to atonement for past neglect of others who went through what you went through is to be a firm advocate for them right now. My sisters, nieces, and friends know they can depend on me to come to their aid whenever and for whatever reason and support them. I cant change my shitty past behavior but I can change what I do today.
        Don’t bludgeon yourself too much over the past. You made the best decision you could think of, at the time you made it, and I’m truly sorry that happened to you.

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