L’Oreal IMMEDIATELY Fired Black Transgender Model Munroe Bergdorf for “All White People Are Racist” Comment: James Charles Remains Employed by COVERGIRL

No, “all white people” aren’t racist, and I’m not surprised Bergdorf was fired for making such a comment. People can’t seem to refrain from sharing their every thought and feeling with countless strangers online. I just wish COVERGIRL had fired James Charles for his numerous racist comments, and that Jeffree Star faced consequences for his constant racist attacks as well. I hate hypocrisy, and this is blatant hypocrisy.


Source: L’Oreal Drops Transgender Model After ‘All White People’ Racism Post


  1. lkeke35

    I don’t know that she should’ve been fired. She later clarified her statement about the ALL in a Facebook post. Could she have worded it better? Yep! Just so such misunderstandings don’t get made, but I didn’t have a problem with the clarified version of what she said. You are right though, Starr and Charles need to shut up and get fired for their sht.

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    1. TheWarner

      Jeffree Star shouldn’t have a contract with anyone given his behavior. I certainly wouldn’t want him representing my brand because he spews hate and racial slurs like a KKK member minus the hood. I’ve seen numerous videos of his antics, and apologies don’t mean shit to me when they’re disingenuous.

      I’m not surprised Bergdorf was fired because L’Oreal doesn’t want to lose money or risk a boycott of the brand. I’m also not surprised Bergdorf was fired because Bergdorf is BLACK, so unlike James Charles there were going to be swift repercussions for that post. Meanwhile James Charles is still employed by COVERGIRL, and while the company CLAIMED his comments weren’t in-line with the COVERGIRL brand, he suffered no repercussions for his actions, which tells me his tweets were absolutely in-line with what COVERGIRL stands for.

      Personally, if a white L’Oreal model/spokesperson posted “all black people are racist” or “all black people are stupid” etc. I would want them to be fired, so I’m fine with L’Oreal firing Bergdorf. I just want white racist models/spokespersons to suffer the same consequences.

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      1. lkeke35

        Yeah, even I’ve heard about the sht Starr has pulled and I don’t even wear makeup or pay attention to the brands. I even heard about the sht Charles said too. I am both shocked but not shocked they’re still working.

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