Warrantless Search Bill Passes with Little Notice

Get ready to have your rights violated.

Warrantless Search Bill Passes


Source: Congress Quietly Passed a Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes—Only 1% Opposed It (Written by Rachel Blevins)



    • Yeah, law enforcement has been violating the rights of people of color forever. Congress has just given the green light to do so legally and on a broader scale with this bill. It’s truly despicable, that’s why we can’t allow ourselves to be distracted by shit like Mayweather vs. McGregor, a fight which anyone with some goddamn sense would’ve known McGregor would lose.

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      • I’ve done a lot of traveling, and to be honest I’m not sure a place where we black people are seen as equal/not inferior to those of other races exists, not just in America, but all over the world. We must even deal with racism and self-hatred from other black people in the form of colorism and coonery.

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