Gemmel Moore Dies in Wealthy Democrat Donor’s Home: Death Ruled ‘Accidental’

I believe every word of this article, because the details surrounding Gemmel Moore’s death seem plausible. Sex workers are often seen as disposable, and are frequently abused and murdered. Jeffrey Dahmer got away with murdering sex workers of color for years. He would also drill holes into the skulls of his victims and inject the holes with various chemicals to see how his victims would react. In this case it appears the fact that Edward Buck is rich AND has the complexion for protection may be what’s allowing his alleged dubious crimes to go overlooked.

Source: Death of Male Prostitute at Wealthy Democrat Donor’s Home Ruled ‘Accidental’


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I'm an audacious blerd and freelance writer who writes articles that focus on social issues and race relations in America. My goal is to provide honest commentary and reviews, and never write anything that is simply the "popular" opinion.

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