Yeah, We Noticed πŸ˜‘

The Overgrown contributer, Jesse Mechanic, reiterates what I wrote on the opioid “epidemic” here, and what countless others have been saying about this newfound sympathy for drug addicts.

Source:Β When a Drug Epidemic Hit White America, Addiction Became a Disease



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I'm an audacious blerd and freelance writer who writes articles that focus on social issues and race relations in America. My goal is to provide honest commentary and reviews, and never write anything that is simply the "popular" opinion.

4 Responses

  1. I don’t know why this pisses me off so incredibly…oh wait I know why. It’s because I hate illogic and waste. I’m pissed because if white people had bothered to care about the crack epidemic back then, they would not be scrambling hard now to take care of the epidemic that is devastating them. They would’ve had organizations and structures in place to handle the problem. As it stands, the black and poor were left to fend for themselves, while white people sat smugly on their high horses pointing their fingers and lecturing us on our inherent worthlessness. They let their need to feel superior to poor people trump any empathy they might have had.

    Had they been more compassionate, they probably would now have the same structures in place to handle their drug epidemic.
    And while opioid addiction isn’t passing us by, we at least have organizations and behavior in place to mitigate the effects. We learned from the crack epidemic even if white people didn’t.
    And they never learn either, because the police brutality issues we’re dealing with now, will be hitting them in a few years, as the police get bolder in their ability to flout the laws they’re supposed to be protecting.

    The AIDS epidemic, crack, sub prime mortgages, and financial collapse…every time black marginalized people have a problem, you got those white people who want to feel superior more than solving the problem. They prefer to sit around pointing fingers and giving lectures and excuses for why we deserve our fate, until the problem hits them.

    Because of that attitude, Police brutality and murder will be coming soon to a neighborhood near them. I guarantee it!


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